Ireland's Sulky Racers
Ireland's Sulky Racers

Although they are often scorned by the mainstream media, Ireland's Sulky Racers care deeply about their horses, but race illegally. This documentary brings the viewer into the heart of this world, and offers a unique insight into a truly fascinating Irish sub-culture…

RTÉ 2       Broadcast 2015       1x52'

Midas Productions have a number of projects both in pre-production,
production and post-production. Below are some of the productions
that were broadcast recently.


Born Addicted Born Addicted

Every year more than 130 babies are born in Ireland addicted to methadone. From the minute they are born, these babies are treated with methadone to ease their withdrawal symptoms. Born Addicted explores this issue from all angles: we talk to the doctors, the parents, and children who have grown through this process to adulthood.

RTÉ2      Broadcast 2015       1x52'

Vogue Does Straight As

Every year, you can't miss them; smiling on the front page of The Irish Times, grinning on the Six One News. In this Reality-Bites pop-doc, Vogue Williams explores the world of the Leaving Certificate's Straight A Students; the cream of the Irish crop who join the '600 Points Club' every year!

RTÉ2       Broadcast 2015       1x52'

Inside Probation

'Inside Probation' brings unprecedented access to the frontline of our criminal justice system. For the first time on Irish television, this two part documentary series examines the day-to-day work of probation officers across Ireland, monitoring and rehabilitating a range of offenders, from minor criminals to high-risk offenders.

RTÉ ONE          Broadcast October 2014          2x52'

Women on the Inside

The Dóchas Centre is the only exclusively female prison in Ireland. The majority of female prisoners in Ireland are jailed in this medium security, closed prison on the grounds of the Mountjoy Prison Campus in Dublin's North Inner City. Women on the Inside reveals life within an Irish prison today offering a unique glimpse into a world rarely seen by most people.

Nominated Best Factual Series Celtic Film Festival 2015.

RTÉ ONE          Broadcast September 2014          2x52'

The Park - A Year in Killarney is a four-part documentary series that follows a year in the life of Killarney National Park. Viewers will be given an unprecedented insight into the fauna and flora of this self-contained world; a unique portrait of one of the last truly wild places in Ireland.

TV3 / BAI        Broadcast Spring 2014       4x45'

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Our love affair with sport is seemingly endless. We compete in everything, are successful in most, and the rich heritage of sporting greats in this country is testament to this. 'Great Sporting Legends' taps into our national pool of talent and lets our sporting legends tell their stories using the priceless personal archives assembled over the course of their careers.

Setanta Ireland / BAI          Broadcast 2015       15x25'

Dance Emergency

Against the backdrop of seldom-seen 1940's Dublin, we recount an Irish-German artist's forgotten struggle to bring Modern Dance to a conservative Ireland. Interpreted by Olwen Fouere, choreographed by Jessica Kennedy, and featuring an
original score by Conor Linehan.

TG4 / The Arts Council       Broadcast 2015       1x52'

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"Home from Home" presents a unique prism through which the story of Irish emigration, right through to the present day, can be told. Much has been written and said about the successes, efforts and solace offered by the social, cultural and political organisations that helped Irish emigrants adapt to life in the New World. Far less has been said about the role of the GAA, until now...

Setanta Sports / BAI          Broadcast Summer 2014       2x50'

The Island

'Our Island' is a series of four films about our island at the edge of Europe. It's a compendium of human stories culled from Ireland's coastal folklore. We'll hear stories of triumph and tragedy, endurance and endeavour, life and death: but ultimately, these are stories about people and places that have evolved through time to cope with the unique challenges presented by the Irish coast.

TV3 / BAI          Broadcast October 2014          4x45'


Introducing Paul Gleeson: Ireland's most exciting star in the unique world of sleight of hand, mind mesmerizing games and death-defying challenges. This ten part series is to be the cornerstone of TG4's family entertainment for Spring 2014.

TG4       Broadcast Spring 2014       10x25'

Gairdin Pharthais Join us on Facebook...  

In the heart of Dublin city lies an oasis of 48 acres of calm and beauty containing over 17,000 plant and tree species - this is Ireland's National Botanic Gardens. But behind the calm exterior, urgent activity is underway to save the flora of Ireland. Over the course of this series, we get a unique insight into that work and the people behind it.

TG4 / BAI          Broadcast January 2014       6x25'

A Fighting Heart

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This film captures World Featherweight Champion Johnny Kilbane's amazing life, but it also explores the cultural, social and historical links between the communities of Achill Island and Cleveland, Ohio that strongly exist today.

TG4 / BAI          Winner - Celtic Media Festival 2014       1x52'

Life on the Inside

Filmed over the course of a year, this two-part documentary series explored life behind bars in Ireland. Midas Productions secured unprecedented access within Wheatfield and Shelton Abbey prisons which allowed us, for the first time on Irish television, to show the reality of 'life on the inside'.

TG4 / BAI       Winner - Celtic Media Festival 2014       2x52'

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