Lorg na gCos

Lorg na gCos" shows how Ireland's most famous actuality film, Mise Éire, came to inspire and redefine the hopes of a nation at a pivotal moment in the social and economic development of the country and how it established itself as one of the great cultural phenomena of 20th century Ireland.

TG4 / BAI        Winner Focal Awards 2013       1x52'


Introducing Paul Gleeson: Ireland's most exciting star in the unique world of sleight of hand, mind mesmerizing games and death-defying challenges. This ten part series is to be the cornerstone of TG4's family entertainment for Spring 2014.

TG4       Broadcast Spring 2014       10x25'

The Boy in the Bubble

The Boy in the Bubble, a 3D cinema short produced by Midas Productions and Igloo Films, claimed a multitude of awards including Best Animation and the Don Quixote Award for best overall short film at the at the Galway Film Fleadh in 2011, an IFTA for Best Animation in 2012, and Best Animation at the Celtic Film Festival 2012.

Broadcast Christmas 2012

It's Not The Taking Part

It's Not The Taking Part' documents the trials and tribulations of six of Ireland's Olympic hopefuls as they battle against rivals, injury, money problems, inadequate facilities, the clock, the selectors and overwhelming odds for the chance to compete on the ultimate stage.

Setanta Sports / BAI          Broadcast July 2012       6x25'

Celebrating 100 years of the Irish Amateur Boxing Association, Tales from a Neutral Corner is the story of how amateur boxing escaped from the confines of the garrison to take root in cities, towns and villages all over Ireland.

Setanta Sports / BAI          Broadcast 2012       2x50'

As their portraits by artists Sahoko Blake, Nick Miller and Una Sealy emerge in this intimate one hour documentary, record-breaking swimmer Melanie Nocher, art critic Gemma Tipton and writer John Waters confront our attitudes to the naked truth.

RTÉ ONE          Broadcast 2011       1x52'

Idir Mná is a seven-part docudrama series comprising true stories and in-depth case analysis from the world of murder and crime and how it impacts upon the lives of women in Ireland.

TG4          Series 4 Broadcast 2011       24x25'

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