In this two part series for RTÉ, Katie Hannon explores Ireland's fascinating National Archives, digging out previously undisturbed documents, before heading out across the country to discover the stories behind them.

Broadcast 2023 on RTÉ One

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100 Bliain de Thithíocht - Géarchéim gan Deireadh (100 Years of Housing - Crisis Without End) is a decade-by-decade look at how Irish housing issues have been tackled since the birth of the Irish state and where it all went wrong.

TG4       Broadcast 2023       1x70' 


Series three of the award winning 'Misneach' explores three more unique social events in Irish history; a married couple seeking the right to use contraceptives in 1970s Ireland, how gay men found themselves under investigation when a member of their community was murdered in the 1980s, and how an Irish priest was excluded from ministry because of his 'liberal' views in 2012.

TG4       Broadcast 2023       3x50' 


Presented by Sean O'Rourke, Two Tribes follows the diverging paths taken by Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael in the   post Civil War landscape, their political dominance over the last 100 years and, for the first time, a real questioning of their identity and future.

RTÉ One       Broadcast 2023       2x50' 


Michael Portillo explores the UK's role in the Irish Civil War, looking at secret military reports, cabinet memos, private correspondence and diaries that reveal a Faustian pact.

RTÉ One       Broadcast 2023       1x50' 

Marú inár Measc Marú inár Measc

Series two of this compelling four-part true crime documentary examines the impact unprovoked murder cases have on families and communities in Ireland.

TG4       Broadcast 2022       4x50' 

Partition 1921 Partition 1921

Michael Portillo examines how Ireland came to be divided, unravelling a web of intrigue woven by the British ruling classes for whom the essential issue was defending Ulster.

RTÉ / Oireachtas TV       Broadcast 2021       1x50' 

Marú inár Measc Marú inár Measc

Series one of this compelling four-part true crime documentary examines the impact unprovoked murder cases have on families and communities in Ireland.

TG4       Broadcast 2021       4x50' 


Buidling on the sucess of series one, series two of Tabú continues to explore the stories that have fallen between the cracks in 21st century Ireland.

TG4       Broadcast 2020-2021       6x50' 

Misneach Misneach

In this two part series for TG4 we look at the consequences faced by two Irish whistleblowers. Episode one tells the story of Tom Clonan, and episode two tells the story of Louise Bayliss.

TG4       Broadcast 2021       2x50' 


Hawks & Doves: The Enemy Files II is an authored documentary series on the War of Independence in Ireland in which Michael Portillo goes on a journey from the Peace Conference in Versailles to the historic ceasefire in July 1921.

RTÉ / BBC / Oireachtas TV / BAI       Broadcast 2020

Saol an Mhadra Bháin Saol an Mhadra Bháin

As our weather becomes increasingly erratic and extreme, Gerald Fleming and Cara Augustenborg preset a visualisation of the damage these changing patterns will pose for Ireland in the decades ahead.

TG4 / BAI       Broadcast 2019      

Saol an Mhadra Bháin Saol an Mhadra Bháin

A landmark two-part bilingual documentary series explores The Secret World of Working Dogs and shows how their extraordinary abilities are helping people of all ages overcome adversities and doctors and scientists to find breakthrough medical solutions to worldwide health problems.

TG4 / BAI       Broadcast 2019    


'Inside Ireland's Biggest Prison', set within The Midlands Prison Campus, offers a unique perspective into the realities faced by those entering prison, many of them for the first time, as well as those in prison but without any set release date other than 'life'.

Virgin Media One       Broadcast 2019      4x60' 


Tabú is a series of standalone hour-long documentaries that address topics including Domestic Violence, Rural Decline, Medicinal Cannabis, Online Shaming, Sacrificial Sporting Injuries, and Random Acts of Violence

TG4       Broadcast 2018       6x50' 


Are you recovering from a broken heart? Have you experienced a recent breakup? Heartbreak Hotel will bring a selection of people away for a weekend where they will be helped through the different stages of recovering from a broken heart.

Virgin Media One       Broadcast 2018       1x46'    


From the personal to the profound, the petty and the imperative, Generation What? lifts a virtual lid on young Irish people today, allowing us to better understand their hopes, anxieties, ambitions, relationships, and social, political and moral values.

RTÉ 2 / BAI        Broadcast Autumn 2017       2x52'

It Tolls For Thee

It Tolls For Thee tells the little-known story of a remarkable Irishwoman who fled Franco's forces in civil war-torn Spain, risked her life to save Jewish prisoners from the gas chambers and was jailed by the Nazis. Mary Elmes, who put her life on the line to save Jewish children from Nazi gas chambers, has become the first Irish person to be honoured as "Righteous Among the Nations" by Yad Vashem, Israel's official memorial to Jewish victims of the Holocaust.

TG4 / BAI / IFB       Broadcast Autumn 2017       1x52' / 1x75'

Dick Warner's Great Fishing Challenge Dick Warner's Great Irish Fishing Odyssey

The great and the good of Irish fishing have issued a challenge – to catch every freshwater species of fish in Ireland that's legal to catch in a calendar year, in all weathers, in every type of waterway. Presented by the late Dick Warner, who sadly passed away in June of this year.

eir Sport / BAI       From August 21st 19.30 on eir Sport 1      13x25'

13,000,000,000 Light Years From Birr 13,000,000,000 Light Years From Birr

13,000,000,000 Light Years From Birr is an intergalactic escapade featuring Ireland's new mega-structure, the birth of the first stars, black holes, far-flung galaxies, little green men and the return of Birr Castle to its historic role at the centre of the astronomical universe.

RTÉ ONE/BAI       Broadcast Autumn 2017       1x52'

Living with an Addict Living with an Addict

The crippling effect of addiction can tear a family apart. This observational documentary shows the trail of destruction that addiction can leave and the means by which other family members cope and intervene.

RTE2       Broadcast 2017       1x52'

Unbreakable True Lives Unbreakable

'Unbreakable: True Lives' is a piercing portrait of sexual violence Ireland and the harrowing journey towards recovery taken by four women as they piece their broken lives back together in a process of rediscovery.

Virgin Media One/BAI       Broadcast 2017       2x60'

Fir Marú agus Grá

Series two of this this compelling primetime docu-drama offers further insight into the circumstances that drives men and women to murder their intimate partners. The narrative for each story will be pieced together through the evidence presented for trial by the State Prosecution.

TG4       Broadcast 2017       6x25'

Are You Ever Asking For It ARE YOU ASKING FOR IT

'Asking For It?' is an authored documentary where Louise O'Neill forensically explores the hidden attitudes towards sexual consent and the rise in sexual assault and rape in Irish society today.

RTÉ2       Broadcast 2016       1x52'


Showing character and grit, this two part series documents a vital insight into the lives of those living in rural Ireland and their journey out of drug addiction.

RTÉ2       Broadcast 2016       2x52'

Who Am I

#I Am Irish takes us into the underbelly of the world of 18-34 year olds and allows their key influencers frame the narrative around what it means to be Irish in 2016.

RTÉ2       Broadcast 2016       1x52'

The Enemy Files

When two cultures clash, the loser is forgotten, and the winner writes the history books; books that glorify their own cause and disparage the conquered foe. The Rising of Easter 1916 is one of the most written about and documented episodes in Irish history. Presented by Michael Portillo, this is a film that offers a key perspective in a genuine understanding of these seismic events: this is the view from the other side.

RTÉ One       Broadcast 2016       1x52'

The Joy

In a brand new series, our cameras will be given unprecedented access to Mountjoy Prison campus. 'The Joy' will offer a unique and enthralling insight into life behind bars in Ireland's largest prison facility.

Virgin Media One       Broadcast 2015       4x45'

Fir Marú agus Grá

This compelling, but dark, primetime series of docu-dramas offer a startling, compelling and uncompromising look at the circumstances that drove six men to murder their intimate partner. The narrative for each story will be pieced together through the evidence presented for trial by the State Prosecution.

TG4       Broadcast 2015       6x25'

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